What is Matcha?

Matcha is 100% green tea, nothing else. At the same time its an exceptionally unique tea due to the conditions in which it is grown and processed. Its leaves aren’t steeped like regular green tea, they’re stone-ground into a fine powder. You simply add hot water, whisk, and consume the beverage leaves and all.

Where is it from?

Matcha is a traditional tea from Japan. Both our Premium Grade and Cooking Grade Matcha Teas are sourced from farms in Kyoto (Uji) Japan, home of the finest award winning Matcha Tea.

Where are you located?

We are based in Brisbane, Australia – shipping our quality tea and accessories to all over Australia and the World.

What makes Wink Tea different?

Wink Tea is dedicated to sourcing premium artisan quality matcha for the Australian market. Because we are a specialty matcha seller we are able to order in small batches, this gives us the advantages of;

Freshness – On average, the time from being stone-ground in Japan, to being served in your cup is less than a month, giving our matcha a unique freshness that the larger tea sellers simply can’t provide. Further more our premium matcha is packed at the source, in air tight containers to lock in the fresh vegetal aroma and vibrant electric green colour Wink Matcha is famous for.

Higher tea grades – Large suppliers need to stock a large amount of stores, unfortunately true artisan quality matcha is rare, and it simply is not possible to provide the top grades of matcha to hundreds of stores Australia wide. As a result many other stores blend lower quality leaves to keep up with supply. Wink Tea on the other hand has one online store, this allows us to be dedicated to sourcing only the highest grade leaves from award winning farms that focus solely on quality, not quantity.

Does it contain caffeine?

Yes Wink Matcha contains approximately 25mg of caffeine to a 1 gram serving. What makes Matcha so special is that it also contains large amounts of L-Theanine, giving you a calm alertness, and slow release energy boost, without the “crash” or jittery side effects of coffee.

Why is Matcha more expensive that regular tea?

Producing artisan quality matcha is a very labor intensive process, from the growing, harvesting and processing. Every step is performed by hand, from skilled Japanese farmers using techniques that have remained the same for nearly 1000 years. Combined with the higher Japanese wages and the rarity of Premium Grade Matcha, all these factors increase the value when compared with regular tea. Yet it is still much cheaper than a regular cup of coffee at a cafe.

How do you make it?

Place a small amount (¼ to ½ a teaspoon) into your favorite matcha bowl or cup, add approximately 80-160ml of hot water (not boiling) and mix together with a bamboo whisk until there is a fine crema on top. Sip and enjoy!

How will I feel after having a cup of Matcha?

You will find you have a heightened awareness and an increase in mental clarity, whilst remaining very calm. The clean stream of energy that Matcha provides is perfect for intense work, or a relaxing afternoon meditation session.

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