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Increase your mental clarity, Boost your metabolism and Improve your overall health with Matcha Green Tea

Wink Tea is committed to bringing the finest quality Matcha Green Tea to Australia. We believe in spreading awareness of this vibrant green super-food and to give everyone access to the amazing health benefits it provides. Oh and did we mention it tastes great!

Whilst matcha green tea is harvested in many regions worldwide, only Japan produces the highest grade matcha green tea. Wink Tea has made it our mission to find the most fragrant and exquisite tasting matcha. In the end, we did just that, and are now proud to work with Japan’s premier tea farms. Wink matcha comes exclusively from Kyoto (Uji) Japan, the birthplace of matcha and home of some of the finest award winning farms in Japan. Due to its climate, fertile soil and fresh water, Kyoto produces tea leaves that are more nutrient filled than tea leaves grown in other regions. With over 80% of the exclusive harvesting rights to the most fertile Kyoto tea farms, our supplier ensures that Wink Tea’s matcha is made from a blend of nature’s finest leaves.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a very special type of green tea from Japan. The Japanese characters for Matcha are 抹 茶 which translates to “ground tea”. As matcha is ground into a fine green powder, it neither looks or tastes like any other tea available, and because the leaf is consumed whole, all of the incredible health benefits of green tea can be realised.

What are the Health Benefits?

Matcha has several unique health benefits that make it one of the healthiest substances on the planet. some of these health benefits are;

  • It has an incredible amount of antioxidants, which act as anti-inflammatory agents in the body. These antioxidant levels can actually be measured in foods, with something called ORAC (oxygen radical absorbency capacity) units. Here are some ORAC numbers for common super-foods: goji-berries 253, pomegranate 105, dark chocolate 227, blueberries 93, acai berries 55, broccoli 31. And matcha? It clocks in at an astounding 1384 – more than all of those super-foods COMBINED!
  • Matcha is insanely full of EGCGs. It has roughly 137 time the EGCGs of regular steeped green tea, simply because matcha is consumed whole. It is not steeped or, worse, extracted like many commercial green tea products.
  • Matcha drinkers find they have clearer and quicker thinking, improved memory abilities for things like names and numbers, increased alertness and mental clarity, elevated moods, “calm euphoria”, and improved concentration abilities for studying, working, or driving.
Matcha ORAC